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Softball Camps/Clinics

Jul 25, 2011
Southern Illinois
Not sure if this is the place to post this, but couldn't find a place to review a camp on your site.
DD attended St. Louis Baseball and Fastpitch Academy's Future Stars clinic today. Clinic was 4 hrs long and cost $50. They took about 30 min. for a lunch break and served pizza and chips. So if you pro-rate for a free meal($3) and a free facility tee shirt($12 for a good quality,which it is) that's $35 for 3 1/2 hrs of instruction. That's $10/hr.
The clinic had space for 70 girls and had 6 or 7 instructors. However, there were only 24 girls, so student /instructor ratio was very good.
The facility was very nice and clean. There were a ton of hitting tunnels and pitching lanes with various equipment. The defensive/fielding area was smaller than expected, but adequate for in field work. There were a lot of team and individual displays showing past/present student accomplishments. I know that they are also a baseball academy but about 75% of the displays were fastpitch.
The instruction was very good. Instructors interacted well with the girls and there was no squishing the bug nonsense. I felt all the teaching was sound, with most of the instructors being recently out of college. I believe one was a shortstop for Mizzou, but I didn't hold it against her.:) Various offensive and defensive drills were performed, as well as drills on sliding. DD was challenged but had a blast, with a smile on her face the whole time.
The only thing I have negative to say is that they really didn't do everything they advertised. They didn't really work on bunting or slapping(dd is a righty so I might've missed this), and there was supposed to be a presentation on nutrition(which I don't really think 10u and 8u are worried about) that I either missed or didn't happen(dd said I didn't miss it). Also, at the beginning an instructor said awards would be given out. Unless you count candy after a couple games as rewards this didn't happen either.I can't see everything and might have missed something. The positives far exceed any slight negatives.
The important thing is that dd had a great experience at a clinic she knew absolutely no one at. She was challenged and learned a great deal. She rambled on about tips she picked up and demonstated several key fundamentals that they worked on. Her favorite was the work they did on sliding.
Overall I would give this clinic an A, only missing an A+ by a few small points. We will definately return in the future.
Nov 22, 2011
Lakeville, MA
Thanks for the feedback.

I will be working on getting an area added to the website that will allow you to review camps/clinics that you have attended (and a few other topics that may be of interest).

I have also added the clinic you recommended to the site as well.

Take care.

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