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Softball and Baseball bat differences

Jan 15, 2009
Two main differences are that

#1 Diameters Barrels allowed
For Youth Softball 2 1/4" barrel is the only allowable size

For Youth Baseball barrels up to 2 3/4" are allowed at different ages (check your local league rules, this changes every year i.e. 10U/11U/12U all have different rules). FYI you can use a 2 1/4" barrel for baseball

#2 Weight Differential
For Youth (JO, ASA) Softball there are no restrictions on weight differential which is the difference between the length in inches and the weight in ounces for example 31" 21 oz = -10 weight differential or drop 10.

For Youth Baseball (in my area) there are weight differential restrictions that apply to the different ages. For example my son is 12 and swings a 2 5/8" drop 8.5 bat which weighs 22.5 oz. For his age the max allowable drop is 9. In two years that bat won't qualify any longer because at that age it goes to -5 max and when he goes to high school I believe its -3 max.
Jan 24, 2009
Anecdotal, but as for the combat virus:
DD swings a combat Virus FP 30/20 in fastpitch. DS swings a combat virus YB 30/20 for baseball.

I truly believe these are the exact same bat with different labels. They no doubt came off of the same line and some got the fastpitch label while others got the youth baseball label. Other than the label, they seem to be identical in every way.

Can anyone refute this? Any combat factory guys out there?

Agree that Snocatz' post is accurate.

Jan 15, 2009
I think you're right VW. I've seen the same Easton Redline half composite bat sold for baseball and softball.

In my area you can at certain ages for the boys continue to use a larger drop bat "IF" you stay with the 2 1/4" barrel. So for my son he can use a -9 bat at 2 3/4" diameter, but at 2 1/4" diameter there is no restriction on allowable drop.
Jan 24, 2009
""Are the Combats the same price for softball as for baseball?""

Tmolina, mine were, but prices do vary. I bought both new from a dealer who is a list member on SBF for a great price. If you are asking for comparison sake, ie are they these possibly the same bat, then good question. If you were asking thinking you could just buy the cheaper of the two since they are the same, remember...the bats are labelled differently. One has all of the softball bodies approval stamps while the other has all the baseball stamps. So yes, they might be the exact same widget but you must buy the one labelled for your application. Sounds like a 'gotcha' for folks like me who now must buy two bats.
Mar 11, 2009

That is interesting, and yes I was thinking that you could just buy the cheaper one. I own a Combat Virus Enhanced Slow Pitch bat and like it alot...Is the Lady Virus an option still for fastpitch??
May 12, 2008
Lady Virus is on the banned list. When you have Slowpitch Men using it, it raised some eyebrows and tipped everyone off at how hot that bat was. Combat replaced them for free with a regular virus. I don't know if this information is still on their website but it was soon after it was banned for fastpitch.

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