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Smoking Marucci deal!

Feb 25, 2020

If the coupon doesn't work use the chat option at the bottom of this page https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/s/letschat

Go all the way to the bottom hit chat they will give you a coupon.

the coupon worked for me no problems but my daughter's friends Father, the coupon didn't work and he had to go to the chat and he said it took 5 mins to get another coupon and he purchased....done in 5 mins
Thanks! After a chat I snagged the 1b mitt.
May 2, 2019
The post office just delivered mine. I got the Magnolia 12.5 for my daughter. I wanted the 12 but not a fan of the basket web as she is not a pitcher. She's 13 and has been playing mi and outfield. For comparison, I have it next to an HoH 11.75 fastpitch glove. The leather is stiffer than the HoH and has a bit more padding in the heal. This one has the finger shift for tip. The hand stall is smaller in the Marucci as I can not get my hand in the glove like I can the Rawlings. 20201027_120737.jpg20201027_120930.jpg20201027_121034.jpg20201027_121119.jpg20201027_121149.jpg
Oct 1, 2014
My daughter's arrived today. Its the 34 inch magnolia catchers mitt. Its a heavy glove that is super stiff out the box. Dicks sporting goods did a free steam for me. These pictures are after the steam.
Did it gain much weight from the steam process? Curious when you say it's heavy, do you have an actual weight? How are the finger (and especially the thumb) stalls (sizewise and stiffness)? I came real close to grabbing one of these (is the deal still open?).

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