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slapper's bat vs power hitter's bat

May 7, 2008
The general rule I hear and use is for girls to select a bat the "right" length for their height (for HS players a 32 -34 inch bat, I use the Easton table as a guide) and then use the heaviest they can "handle" (swing quickly and control bat position) based on their strength.

Now with slappers would you size the bat the same or drop an oz in weight to give that little extra amount of bat control and sacrafice some mass and power?

or am I just baised because the slappers (who are selected for speed) tend to be smaller in size and core and upper body strength?

Aug 4, 2008
That depends on who you ask. Natasha Whatley fits the new type of slapper mode that hits for power. So She kind of breaks mold. I tend to go with a balanced bat instead of a end loaded bat with a slapper, but it all depends on what type of hitter you are dealing with. Today's slappers are now being taught to hit for power.
May 7, 2008
San Jose, CA
To start, I look at my slappers as hitters with speed and more offensive tools. I try to teach them that what tools they use depends on the defense, so be prepared to use any of the tools you have and react to the defense(drag, slap, power-slap, hit away or walk). With this in mind I have found a balanced bat works best correctly weighted for the slapper (I do not recommend going lighter). I have not found that there is any loss of power or versatility with a balance bat. Today’s composite bats offer a great advantage to a slapper for power-slapping and hitting away.

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