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Feb 7, 2016
Thanks, Josh! That’s good enough info for me to move forward on the 8. Always appreciate all the work you put in to help us make good decisions!

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Tried to get out to the field during practice this weekend to test shooting drills with a DSLR. Timing and weather didn’t cooperate. I did however order the Gopro 8!! Super excited to work with it!

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Oct 5, 2009
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I've used a drone for some of our skills vids. LOL IF you want to really do it right. Mix up the footage. Have a skills vid. Have a separate game footage vid. Get one from the weekend. Also dont be embarrassed to show your daughter having a bad up to bat. Coaches like to see that. I made a game footage tourney in Yuma. My daughter gave up the winning homerun. My daughter hates that video. I love it cause it shows the reality of her playing. This game is not always about sunshine and rainbows. If its a quick clip a coach needs then mobile phone is best. I always love the gopro look so I will go that direction. IF you are going to use a slo mo shot, record at a higher frame rate. 60FPS is a good start.


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