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Sitting on a bucket or stand for front toss

May 7, 2015
If I'm working exact locations, I'll sit on a bucket and be closer to DD hitting. If I want to simulate the variance of actual pitches I'll stand. Since I have a ball coach radar, DD will radar me and we'll figure out what distance to throw from to simulate the probable pitching speed for the weekend (i.e. speed x .717 for 60mph, speed x .860 for 50mph). There's no need to get super fancy with all of the different speeds, generally just faster and slower. I do want to get her aware that there's a need to make adjustments for slower pitchers. Nothing is worse than seeing ill-timed swings because of slow pitching.
Jul 13, 2019
I have never thought about the trajectory that the ball was coming in at when comparing sitting to standing. What we try to do is try to adjust the distance from the hitter to the speed that we can throw. Once we can approximate the game speed of the pitch we try to give the kids a lot of reps. We do try to move the ball around in different zones. We play different games with the kids, we place balls increasing distances from home plate and then they get points for how far the ball traveled with the emphasis on trying to hit a line drive. We also play a quality at bat game and we see how many times they hit the ball hard. I think if you just take swing after swing the kids lose focus and it can become boring so make a game of it. We try to do that with all phases of the game it keeps their focus better.

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