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Sitting on a bucket or stand for front toss

Sep 17, 2009
If it's your kid, throwing underhand standing with a windmill is reasonable for short periods of time. If you are a coach, doing it for an hour or two for an entire team hitting session can be murder. Choose the bucket.

Or maybe I've just gotten old :)
Dec 11, 2010
Do both

If you are just starting to learn how to front toss softball, make it fast and flat. Do that first and move on from there.


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Dec 13, 2019
Well, I don't think that standing underhand toss from 15-18ft equates to a pitch from 35ft trajectory wise, although velocity is also a factor. But I suppose I should take some video and take a look at this. Plus 10 pitches to 12 players is a 120 throws. But in the end it comes down to accuracy, I can dart throw the ball to spots better than I can when I underhand it. Ball spin is not a factor.
Good point.
Accuracy may play a factor in why people toss/throw how they do.

Understand rep's. can wear out the front tosser ;)
I toss/pitch underhand with both arms. (slingshot)

Emulate pitch mechanics with arms and release with spin'ish for visual.
Its deffinetly different seeing pitches from underhand vs. overhand.
We get plenty of work on the field seeing overhand, throwing to eachother.
*Not so much at all underhand!
Which is what we need to learn to see in games!

Yes there are days i go home and therapy both arms, shoulders, lower back, hip :)

*Like underhand for catchers especially because dirt pitches react how we will see them in games.
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Sep 17, 2009
Do both

If you are just starting to learn how to front toss softball, make it fast and flat. Do that first and move on from there.
Yes. But also at some point throw them (I do it sitting) arced pitches with some loft. It simulates a change up and helps them figure out timing. And it will mess them up quite a bit until they figure it out (which is the point).
May 12, 2016
IMO Always stand.. I believe by standing the pitcher can emulate a delivery which is more similar to what they will see in a game. It's important that a hitter can see the delivery so they can time the beginning of their sequence. Even if you can't pitch wind up, the hitter can still time their sequence with the plant of the pitchers front foot.
Jul 16, 2013
I typically stand from about 20 to 25 feet away. I used to pitch modified fast pitch, so I use that type of motion. I have played around with windmill over the years but never consistently enough to get comfortable with it. The first time I tried, I just about hit my daughter. Figured it was safer for her (and me...) to stick with what I know. I try to follow a simple rule; never piss off someone holding a bat ;)

If we are working on something in particular, I will toss some from a bucket 10 to 12 feet away. But then I will typically move back and throw modified as I normally do.

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