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Siblings on same team?

Jul 3, 2014
Inland Empire
Any of you fine parents have daughters on the same travel team? If so, how is it regarding sibling rivalry? My DDs are super competitive and I feel it’s going to be good cause they’ll push each other but in a sense I’m afraid it’ll drive a wedge between them?!? It was fine when they played together when they were younger in 10 rec & 10/12 travel...but now that they’ve gotten older they’re vicious! My youngest DD will join her older sis in HS next year so figured they’d better get used to it!
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Dec 10, 2015
Chautauqua County
they are on the same TEAM. that means they are TEAMmates. there is nothing wrong with good, honest competition within a TEAM but when that competition becomes personal to the detriment of the TEAM and TEAM efforts and goals, then individuals may certainly find themselves sitting on the TEAM bench, eh. :)
Mar 10, 2016
My sister and I aren't on the same travel team...but we're on the same varsity high school team. We do have a sibling rival when it comes to trying to one-up each other at the plate or when we're running the bases to see who can touch the most bases over the course of a game. We've also had a competition on who can make the most game-changing move over the course of the game (last year, she beat me in that competition even though she couldn't touch my bat, lol). However, when it comes to defense, we put the sibling rivalry to the side with being battery mates (she's a pitcher and I'm a catcher) and we make a formidable combination. I can usually tell what she's thinking and I can call what I'm going to do accordingly. Or, she has read my mind and can usually go off what I'm thinking as well.
May 19, 2019
Canyon Lake Texas
My girls are 4 years apart and have played on the same teams, whether it was the younger picking up so my team had enough players to field nine, filled in to help HS summer team, or on a select team. at time they loved it other times it was miserable(mostly because lil sis made a few big plays that big sis can't forget about). Now big(junior) can't wait for lil(8th) to play HS ball next year because she knows she will step up. it started fun then became too much now it is a can't wait. They are siblings after all, what else can you expect?
May 6, 2015
thanks god my DDs have never been on same team other than Tball. they have love hate relationship, and I can see a coach kicking both of them off.

they will have one year of HS together, older DD does not play SB, but younger DD is thinking of picking up FH so she can play one season with big Sis. they also will both be on swim team, there it is likely little sis will be the bigger hotshot (close now, but older DD keeps moving up in age to longer races so cannot directly compare), will see how that goes.
Jul 3, 2014
Inland Empire
Well first tournament went well with both DDs on the team. The only drama was DD2 getting drilled in the thigh by DD1’s line drive during a hit & run. We all thought that was pretty damn funny cause DD2 was talking smack to her sister her triple the previous inning.
Their team played pretty good but lost by 1 run to go to the championship. Can’t really complain too much since they haven’t practiced a whole lot lately due to the weather. So we'll See how things go this summer!

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