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Severs Disease

Dec 27, 2008
Goleta, CA
My 11 year old dd was diagnosed with Severs Disease by our orthopedic specialist today. It is a condition of the heel involving the growth plate, and from what I understood from our doctor, it is from a big growth spurt and the body not being able to catch up to where it should be with bone growth?
My dd is the top pitcher on our all star team, so this is very disconcerting for her.

Without going into the way it developed and what I have learned about how to deal with it, I just wanted to know if anyone here has run into this problem with their daughters or any other players on the teams you are a part of.
May 18, 2009
I think one of our pitchers, last year, had something similar but it affected her knees. She wasn't able to run because of it so she either pitched or sat on the bench. She looks better this year, has less pain, and is able to play multiple positions. It affected her from age 11 through age 13. Now her body is working it out.
Feb 16, 2009
DD had bad pain from those back tendons connencting to the heel where she couldn't walk after a game and some times was brought to tears. After x-rays we didn't get a dx with that exact name, just that the bones/tendons at that age grow at different spurts. She was 11/12 at the time. With Advil/Ice/Rest after games she was still able to play and eventually it just went away on its own.
Oct 26, 2009
My 11yo daughter (also a pitcher) was diagnosed with Sever's disease about 6 months ago. At time she could barely walk let alone run. She pushed herself to do so though and played through the pain this summer (100+ games). After the season was over (and after seeing several doctors including both an orthopedist and a pediatrist and going though 2 rounds of therepy) we found a doctor specializing in sports medicine who helped tremendously. There is a relatively new procedure that helps speed tendon/ligament injuries to heal. It is called regenerative injection therapy where the patients own blood platelets are injected into the injury site. Well, my daughter was in such pain that she was willing to try anything. On September 16 she had multiple injections into both Achilles tendon. She could barely walk for two days after and could not run for two weeks. After that she began easing back into softball, however she did not play any games until last weekend. She played 7 games over two days last weekend and was pain free. Her Severs was so bad I doubt that she would have been pain free without this procedure. I know that the rest helped, but we tried that as part of our inital course of actual back in May with no noticeable reduction in pain. It might not be for everyone and might be more of a last resort than anything else, but it helped my daughter tremendously.

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