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Oct 3, 2019
He may be a jerk, but he's like most people now who have it....They don't know they have it and are going to infect more people. That's why schools and sports are being shut down. This won't stop, but we have to slow it down now so everything, not just hospitals, but EVERYTHING doesn't get overwhelmed. If factory workers get sick, no products, if truck drivers get sick, no delivery of products, if store workers get sick, no stocked products, if restaurant workers get sick, that closes and there is a run on food stores. So if sports have to be the first casualty on this war on the virus, so be it. I'm expecting my DD's HS season gonna get canceled sooner or later (NY), and that stinks, plus I won't be able to umpire games, but those two inconviences are nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Yeah, he may not have known he had it. But, this is why these idiots need to keep their mouths shut about something they have no clue about. Dismissing it as just the flu and mocking those that know more than them about it is dangerous and puts others at risk. Unless you are a virologist, just shut up please. We have enough ignorance to deal with without these people exposing theirs.
Dec 11, 2010
"no country in the world is better prepared than us".
You're seriously kidding, right?
No, I'm actually not kidding. Here's why:

I believe in the men and women in our health care system. I have four nieces and spouses of friends who are M.D.'s and P.A.'s that are some of the smartest people I have ever met. I also have a personal doc who inspires great confidence. Last month I had an earache and went an urgent care clinic that I expected to be assembly line patient care- it wasn't. I was really impressed with the care I got.

It is easy to criticize healthcare in the U.S. and I have done it. Yet I also believe that Americans rise to challenges big and small and will again in this case too. We are going to get through this.

And just so I don't contribute to a thread getting closed, I will say this: Rise balls don't rise and all great pitchers utilize internal rotation whether they realize it or not.
May 6, 2015
My heart goes out to all the seniors whose college sports careers just came to an end. Even if a year of eligibility is restored or granted, a vast majority of them will not need/use it. They were there to get a degree. It's absolutely over for them.

There will probably be some senior day like ceremonies, but it will be even more bittersweet than usual.

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IF (BIG IF) the pandemic is contained / winding down near the end of spring semester, what most colleges / conferences should do is have each school schedule a home and home with a nearby school. let these kids at least have a senior day/night. not that hard to coordinate really.

but it is a big IF.

DS school (he is currently on co-op, but living on campus, big city school) has made no announcements as of yet. their spring break (which is between winter and spring quarters, they operate on 1/4s) coming up, he is supposed to start classes in early april, we are pretty much anticipating they will move to online instruction for most of spring (silver lining is he should not have to pay $3k for that quarter for housing ;))
May 6, 2015
But, the players are all handling the same ball! There is such ignorance around this type of thing.
easy solution, since offense is not supposed to touch ball, is to have two balls for each team, switch out every half inning, have blue where a glove. keeps exposure to half. and maybe a good rub down with hand sanitizer (ie a soacking) pregame
Nov 22, 2019
Minnesota, USA
Major conferences are already backtracking on all the blanket cancellations yesterday. Big Ten website now says they are suspending spring sports until 4/6 then reevaluating.
May 20, 2016
Big Ten website now says they are suspending spring sports until 4/6 then reevaluating

Not surprising, assuming this will be the case across the board. Things escalated very quickly and in a litigious society there is an over abundance of caution.
Apr 1, 2017
I'm trying to stay positive about prospects of TB team playing this summer, but it's hard. I realize softball isn't life or death, but relative to the board, it's important to us.

Most people seem to think South Korea has handled their outbreak about as well as can be expected. Based on some articles I read, it was still about 6 weeks from their first confirmed case until they thought they were "past the peak". That's not "all is good, let's play softball!", that's just to get to the point of thinking the worst is over.

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