Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

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Feb 26, 2018
Last I heard our HS baseball and softball is still on, but only players, coaches, trainers, and parents allowed to attend

Apr 1, 2017
Maine Principals Association just delayed the start of spring sports to April 27 - for us that takes away a week of conditioning and 4 weeks of practice...wipes out the preseason slate and 5 countable games

What I don't get is not letting us practice if they keep school in session......

I'm on the side of doing what we're told, but I'm with you on the practicing. As I type this, my kids school is full of 3,000 people (students, teachers, staff), but groups of 15 softball players getting together after school for practice is cancelled.
Oct 3, 2019
As some schools are sadly sending their students home to study online or asking them not to return after Spring Break we are starting to get the news that various Tournaments are being cancelled and many athletic programs are being either put on hold or cancelling for the semester.

It might be helpful for planning purposes to know if your school(s) have made any announcements for this 2020 Spring season?
Just got word that our Rec season, due to start next week has been suspended until March 30 at the earliest, depending on when the schools re-open. Travel team continues to practice with next tourney in Mid April. Hopefully we're over this by then.
All high school sports have been suspended in most of the Bay Area. This is Northern CA, near San Francisco.
Sep 18, 2016
We just had a USSSA tournament in El Paso cancelled on our team. My youngest kids Little League is also suspended until further notice here in Tucson. Waiting to hear what Middle School Team decides to do first game is scheduled for 25th.
Oct 3, 2019
So after it becomes a full blown epidemic.
Yeah, the young and healthy can still be carriers. I've lost faith in this country, sad to say. May as well be 3rd world when you hear that even So.Korea is well ahead of us in testing. It feels like, with all the disinformation, that we are purposely being decimated. Then to have to deal with the non-believers and flat earth society, that's what's frightening. Without that to deal with, I would have faith that this country could fight this thing. Now, I just don't know...
Oct 3, 2019
It was a tough call- she and and one of her close friends who is already in Spain (got there in January) were going to travel and hostel their way through Switzerland and Italy so they were going to make the most of their free time.

A lot of it came down to getting in her student teaching which is required to graduate. She already has a teaching job in another state so she needs to finish up. When Italy started shutting down school, that was the writing on the wall. She decided that if she went and eventually got sent home, there is probably no school district around that would let her in the doors. (Also, student teaching is apparently a lot of work for the teacher and school district that oversees the student teacher.)

She got back most of the money from the student teaching program and the airline let her reschedule her ticket as long as she does it by the end of the year.

I agree with all this. The longer we can put this off, the closer we get to summer the better. And just like you say, the numbers will go up as we figure out how to test for it better.

DD#2 is starting her last hs softball season. To me, if we have the worst case scenario of online classes, (our school district is possibly ready for this, we are an “everyone has an iPad” school district) I hope we can still do outdoor sports.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the thing about Costco! I love Costco but everybody knows you buy toilet paper at Menards, not Costco, lol!

We will be fine no matter what happens. Nobody does “crisis” like the U.S. We like to take shots at each other but big picture no country in the world is better prepared than us. I was in a grocery store yesterday. They had all their cleaning supplies, hand soap and rubbing alcohol stacked up on the end caps, prices marked down and the only thing they were out of was hand sanitizer. They filled that shelf space with hand soap so it didn’t look empty. I was impressed, there are some nervous people out there and the worst thing they can see is high prices and empty shelves. Thought the store is doing a great job countering that.
"no country in the world is better prepared than us".
You're seriously kidding, right?
Feb 25, 2018
Tweets from an MD; the window to be like S. Korea has closed, but we can still avoid Italian like outcomes. IF, we get our collective act together.

High Schools/secondary/primary schools probably need to shut down for a bit. Will only work well if it's done in a coordinated way.
Some closed, some open isn't going to cut it.


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