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Screwball Video

Apr 12, 2015
Is the discussion by some to suggest that a screwball can only travel on a flat plane?
No. The recent discussion is based on this challenge:

Sluggers and I have $100 each to give anyone with video proof of a 3-9 screw ball (RHP) that breaks. I’ve seen a handful of scrops, but never a screw ball that wasn’t anything more than drive left and throw right.
Which has nothing to do with whether any pitch called a "screwball" can be effective or not, but deals with a very specific scenario.


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
...point is the word 'scrop' is a twisting in and down pitch.

That is to say screw-drop...
Acknowledging it is a form of screwball.
The challenge is 9-3 spin $100

Does the pitch have to
spin inward and be flat
Or can it
spin inward and move up/down
(that video post #223 is a great example of spin)

'Scrop' is the YES answer to that
Feb 3, 2010
Pac NW
The challenge is to prove the existence of a 3-9 screw ball. A game ready pitch that truly moves opposite of a curve. If it exists, being able to see the release from up close would be awesome. Like this:

Dec 6, 2019
I'm not sure if you are talking about the slo-mo starting around 0:17 or not. For clarity, the slo-mo looks to my eyes to be 3 to 9 rotation. For a RHP to a RHB that is screw spin. As for the first two "live action" pitches, they are obviously too fast to see the spin, but I'd hesitate to call the first one a curve (unless maybe trying to throw a back-door curve).
You're right. I was talking about the first live action pitches. First one is definitely a curve.