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screwball and drop cureve

May 5, 2009
My 12yo dd is learning a screwball and a drop curve. She hasn't had much time to practice either pitch. I wonder with that motion (twist elbow to the right or left) how much can she take in one session? Would love to dedicate a practice just to screwballs every now and again, but afraid of hurting her arm...:(
If you are teaching those 2 pitches to your daughter it may be a good idea to get a qualified instructor to teach her. Both pitches can do a lot of harm to the arm and shoulder area if not pitched correctly.

I recently took on 2 students who were taught incorrect mechanics on both pitches and they were starting to develop arm problems. I shut them down and I am in the process of getting the correct mechanics to allow them to pitch those 2 without arm problems.


Crazy Daddy
Oct 31, 2008
I agree 100% with Coach Stan.

My DD's first coach didn't teach good mechanics and she started having a lot of pain when she started learning movement pitches.

Thank God we got her to her current coach who basically started her over at the beginning with good mechanics. It has taken a year to re-learn. She is now throwing 54, has a peel drop, screw and working on a rise - all with absolutely no pain. Her coach told her "until you get strong and can throw the screw perfectly, do NOT throw it to more than one out of three batters; and don't practice it without me".

DD can now pitch for the entire weekend with no pain at all.

Don't mess with the arm.
May 5, 2009
she is working with a coach, but thought I'd get an opinion here on how much is too much in one practice session.


Abby's Dad
Jan 23, 2009
Collegeville, PA
Typically with my 13yo daughter after warming up (overhand throwing 5-10 minutes, wrist snaps 10-20, arm-whips 10-20, arm circles with feet static 10-15, arm circles with step and kick 10-15 - sometimes all of these, sometime a mixture dependent on time) she throws around 50 pitches 100% working locations (fastball), then 20-25 each of either peel-drop, drop curve, change up (palm and/or flip) and screwball. For the movement pitches we pick two per session to work on. Sometimes we may do all but only throw 10-15 of each.

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