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Roster Question

Jul 3, 2008
Ok, I really need some help on this one. My daughter has played for a team all year and they are not going to any of the championship tournaments so another team wanted to pick her up for the state tournament and possibly another tournament possibly nationals. She pitches, so the rule is if they just pick her up, she can't pitch so they wanted her original team to drop her from the roster so they could add her to their roster. I was told that she now has to stay on the new teams roster for the rest of the year and can't go back to the old team for fall ball. Does anyone know what the options are for her to go back to her old team this fall? Does the year end after nationals? Help......
May 27, 2008
Sorry I can't give you Gospel on this but it should be close -

If it's ASA once the team she is currently rostered on has been eliminated from championship play, possibly her State tournament, if there are berths to ASA Nationals and her team does not qualify, she would be eligible as a pick up player for Nationals.

Once Nationals are over she's good to go for another team as championship play has completed.

Check with your local state commissioner or representative to be sure.

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