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Rich balswich pitching video

Dec 5, 2012
Mid West
I think fastpitchfoundations.com (Balswick, Pauly, Java) is somewhat aimed that idea [MENTION=16861]Wtedalgo[/MENTION]. Just waiting for it to launch like watching water boil.
Fastpitch Foundations is like a flying squirrel....
We've heard of them, but no one has actually ever seen one!! ;)
Mar 11, 2019
Cool video, can someone more experienced point me in the right direction here...

I see Rich's hand finishes palm up after releasing the ball here (counter-clockwise spin). How does this compare to the football drill where the palm finishes up (clockwise spin)... two different methods? or am i missing something..

Appreciate it!
Mar 28, 2014
It's a change-up, same 12-6 spin but slower. You can kill speed with the thumb or not following through and pulling back on release.

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How do you kill the speed with the thumb if you are getting on top of the ball for the dropball?