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Recruitment Post 10U


Way past gone
Aug 28, 2011
The Crazy Train
I have note seen many of these but will put it here in the regional section as it would be more applicable.

I coach a 10U TB team that formed last summer. We played Fall 2011 and did well.
However we did encounter "those" parents and due to this made some changes
to the team. We filled out slots and had one last departure two weeks ago. All is
for the best. That said, we are looking for one last DD to fill our roster. We keep a
low number of players so each one sees good playing time. We still teach, not just manage
the players.
Our Team is based in Forsyth County north of the Alpharetta area. We have great facilities,
good coaching, great parents and great players.
Send me a PM anytime with your DD's name, how I can contact you and I will call so we can discuss
our team, your player and if this could be a proper fit.
Thomas :)