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Recruiting new coaches

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Since we're in the midst of tryout season, one of the challenges that goes along with it finding qualified and enthusiastic coaches. I'm talking both head coach and assistants.

What steps do you take to recruit new coaches at either position? Does your organization pay stipends, expenses, or expect total volunteerism?

Also wondering specifically how different teams recruit female (non-parent) coaches. Do you go to the local college coaches, use a mechanism to bring back former players, or some other method?
Jul 17, 2008
in the dugout
i believe the #1 difference in softball coaching vs baseball coaching (around here anyway) is the lack of former players returning to coach. most high schools, travel and rec baseball teams have former players coaching. many that went on and played at the professional level. FP on the other hand has very few experienced players that go on to coach. now FP has only been played in our state since '96 so the number of gratuated players that have had the opportunity to return aren't that many.

i tried desperately to find a former college FP player to help me coach this summer and had absolutely no luck. i emailed college coaches and asked if they had any players or former players interested and got nothing.

my hope is that once the former players here start having children old enough to play that they will start becoming more involved. i guess time will tell.

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