Recommendations for Custom Catchers Glove (DD 11y playing 12u)

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Aug 28, 2021
After spending the past 2 seasons being a multi positional player (1B/3B and some catching) spent the entire Spring and Summer catching and is now one of the catchers on 12u Travel team. Have been playing with 33” Easton Prowess which has seen better days (didn’t want to invest to much of catching didn’t pan out) For some reason the glove looks and feels small comparative to Wilson’s and other gloves Suggestions on gloves either custom or not.

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Mar 20, 2019
My 12U catcher loves he Marccui Magnolia, it's a 34" model.

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Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
Now when you say “custom”…..a custom mitt that comes to mind is a Rawlings off of their builder, and it’ll be super nice, but it would also be double+ the price of the Vinci I suggested. I just don’t see it for an 11 year old! Stick to a nice retail glove for now.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
First year of 12U, my DD was using the Mizuno MVP series. Second year of 12U, I bought her a Vinci JCV34. It took months to get game ready, but it has been some of the best money I've spent on softball gear. My DD is currently 17yo, playing her last year of travel ball, and is still using the same Vinci mitt. She absolutely loves it. It's needed a couple of sections of lacing replaced in the last few months, but is otherwise in good shape after 5 years of heavy rear-round use.