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RAD, what are the three best drills for catchers?


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
@RADcatcher Since you were an All-American catcher and have coached for 30+ years, what do you think are the best three drills newbie catchers should do?
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Aug 20, 2017
@RADcatcher Since you were an All-American catcher and have coached for 30+ years, what do you think are the best three drills newbie catchers should do?
Obviously not who you are asking but here’s what I do with catchers daily. I call them catcher lead ups, they are grouped and work with each other. Roughly 8 of each. Very basic.
1.) Framing pitches middle/away: work on catching the ball with thumb at 3:00, get head behind ball, stick to center with wrist, catching the outside of ball
2.) Framing inside pitches: thumb goes to 12:00, catch outside of the ball, head behind it, wrist stick center
3.) Knees down blocking: both knees down, glove up, ball thrown middle, glove between legs, head/face mask follows down, chest over
4.) Regular stance blocking middle: knees to ball, glove between legs, chest over, head/face mask down
5.) Block and go 1B: same as above but catcher pops up, gets around ball and throws into net half way down 1B line
6.) Knee throws to 2B: catcher first, then thrower, all from knees, get chest sideways, reach with glove knee, push with back foot towards 2B, throw into net just behind pitching rubber

When blocking they will want to catch the ball instead of blocking it. Reinforce BLOCKING. Hope that helps!


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Dec 13, 2019
Wow! Alrighty thanks for the question. Will keep this toward developing catching. Not throwing eventhough we luv that part too :)

How about start with 3 important things to develop.

I like to use muscle memory drills that are specific to catching to develop consistant and correct mechanics, that build strength, to react explosively.
* The catching position i enjoy is athletic, strong and balanced. Feet/knees/ legs atleast as wide as shoulders.
Flat footed.

1. Side to side hops
From Athletic Position~
(Land athletic position)
Then From Catching Crouch~
(Up to side/down to dirt sides)
To move left
Pick up left foot
Press/Burst off right leg
To move right
Pick up right foot
Press/Burst off left leg
* Think up and over
* Try to land evenly promotes doing mechanic simultaneous.
* This will build lateral strength
For high and dirt pitches to the sides.
*develops footwork at same time.
*do each one with excellence.
Then speed it up.

2. Catching position framing technical arm strength.
Strong arm out front. No need to lock elbow. Elbow down not arm sideways. Fingers up.
( thumb will be pointing east or west)
Ball stops out front and shave.
( subtle wrist frame)
Go around the pattern of a clock. (Inside pitch glove turns around the ball & shave/frame)
Each pitch start in front of chest . Arm crosses body infront of shoulders. Repeat- Frame and set in front of chest again. Hold strong catching posture. Start with one pitch to dial in shaving/framing, subtle wrist work. Then ramp it up and train 3 then 5 then 8 x's pitches .
This develops framing yes also builds balance, strength, consistancy, form and muscle memory.
*Dont forget to turn glove under on low pitches to frame low pitches also!!!!

3. Dirt pitch manuever
Catching position
Draw a line so you can have a landing goal.
Start with feet on line
Kick feet out straight back to land on knees.
Land on line.
Keep a strong leg & torso posture... as if you are on your knees in your athletic position.
At the same time snap glove around to the dirt. Making a cave with glove.
* Glove just under chest is a good place. Not between legs so can have glove range.
*Fast glove speed
*Be sure glove is not landing flat like a pancake
*Important not to drop forward or back while doing this.

The side hops drill will develop lateral strength that catchers can use to move from crouch to sides for dirt and high pitches.
For dirt pitch to sides add glove speed to the manuever for defensive readiness.

Our bodies become familiar with 'quality mechanics' when we take 'quality time' to assure what we are doing is accurate.
Our brain telling our body what to do.
Take it at a moderate pace.
Do it correctly.
Then you can do it explosively!
Do sets of 5 to 10 each side
High to sides
Dirt to sides.
Alternate sets of drills!!
Rest relax breath in between.
5 sets of 5 each side mechanic/manuever drills

Duplicating this training you will be amazed how quickly muscles strength kicks in.
The soreness will stop in a few workouts if your just getting used to working out.

Please inquire if you like.
Not certain how detailed...long....to make this :) Thanks for asking!! @sluggers

(video used by permission of parent )

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