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May 9, 2015
West Virginia
I have around 7-15 or so question quizzes of general softball knowledge and some situational questions. I like to hand them out for “homework” during the week. I’m looking for some new material and willing to share mine if anyone is interested.

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Learning everyday
Aug 9, 2018
Sent you a PM with the quiz I give new players each year. Still looking for that illusive 100%.


Learning everyday
Aug 9, 2018
Sent you a PM with the quiz I give to new players. They fill it in individually but we go through the answers together and clarify misunderstandings. You would be amazed at what they don't know and what they think is correct. This is a good thing to do at one of the first team meetings to gauge their knowledge level and play that into practice planning.
Oct 2, 2011
1) Player A wears #23 but Player B joins the team and her parents own a pole barn which is used by the organization for winter workouts so she is given #23 and Player A has to choose a new number. What does Parent A do:
a) Have a public hissy fit
b) Cause a massive online forum blowout which is still remembered multiple years later
c) It doesn't matter
d) All of the above.

2) Player A's dad says she pitches 60 mph. How fast does she actually pitch:
a) 45mph
b) 50mph
c) 53mph
d) 55mph
e) It doesn't matter since she couldn't find the strike zone with a map

3) Player C's dad says she has 6 pitches. She really has:
a) A medium speed fastball which is sometimes a strike

4) Player A is pitching. Player B is catching. A pitched ball gets past the catcher. Is this scored:
a) A wild pitch
b) A passed ball
c) It depends on whether Player A or Player B's parent is scoring

5) A coach posts online that he just needs 'two more players'. This means
a) The team has no pitching
b) We need bodies. Anyone??? Anyone???
c) Either or both a) and b)

6) Player F hasn't been at practice all week and turns up for the game 3 minutes before first pitch. You are the coach. What does Parent F want to talk about?
a) Why Player F didn't start
b) Why Player F didn't pitch
c) Why Player F didn't play short stop
d) Why Player F didn't bat at the top of the order
e) Why Parent F doesn't believe your parent's were married when you were born.
Oct 4, 2018
Possible to send that quiz to me as well? I'd love to have the girls take it.

I learned the hard way that one of our girls didn't know what "2 outs, run on anything" meant. Ooops on me. Totally my fault for making assumptions with the little ones.


Learning everyday
Aug 9, 2018
Quiz sent via PM. The discussions surrounding their understanding of the correct answers to these questions can be enlightening.

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