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PVC Billyclub

Mar 22, 2016
Southern California
Snap stops, plastic ball on tee. It just seems to simplify things, hope my DD has the same experience. During snap stops I also focus on keeping my head still.. I don't like how some the demos I've been watching how the kids head really tilts sideways prior to contact. This is what I did during my first session

With tool;
  • Dry Snap stops from neck slot from a stable standing position,
  • Snap stops from neck slot from a stable standing position with plastic ball on tee
  • Snap stops from neck slot with a striding sequence with plastic ball on tee
With bat;
  • Snap stops from neck slot from a stable standing position with softball on tee. Don't think I will be asking my DD to many of those.. I found this a little hard on the wrist because the barrel wanted to progress forward. Maybe I'll ask her to do this drill @ 50%
  • neck slot with a striding sequence with softball on tee
With my DD, I will add in front toss with both the tool and bat. I will also do the SnF drill at both 180 and 45 degress

During each step, I just focused on maintaining the distance between my elbows.. strangely I found other body parts being engaged without having to think about it. It just seemed to simplify the swing. I felt like I was generating power, without having to focus on generating power. Just a nice smooth fast movement that was very sudden. At no time at all did I think about TTB. I also changed heights of the tee. I will probably start with high tee for my DD, she had a habit of dumping the barrel when trying something similar to this before.. that was my own fault when instructing her improperly
Great write-up, thanks for doing that.
May 12, 2016
So you were not applying force into the handle, during launch, during any of these drills, consciously or not? Remember some are advocating that this doesn't happen (including the drawing you made in the other thread) till later in the sequence. As I have said a million times maybe the reason the pros don't talk about TTB is because for them it is an unconscious action..If these drills give you a good deep barrel path with early bat speed without consciously thinking about using your hands but instead focusing on a movement pattern which forces that action then that is great...doesn't matter how you get there ;).

Next time you do the drills try and concentrate on what the hands are feeling when you do this ( I am not saying to consciously TTB, just what feeling you get in the hands when you do the drill as you have been doing it). If you don't feel like you are applying any force into the handle with the hands, try a couple where you do and see what that results in.

After you have written up your experimental results in the proper format (with references), come back and report 😂
I knew TTB would come into this discussion and that's fine.. However I believe Soriano uses these tools/aids so the student doesn't have to focus on TTB or applying force into the handle. I've never been against deep barrel path and staying through the ball, so that's cool. And if the pros aren't thinking about it, then I don't want my DD thinking about it either. I agree with you, the pros don't talk about it.. and IMO it's because it's a result, not an action. Just my two cents.

Thanks professor, but I don't have a true controlled environment to perform this experiment, :)
Jun 8, 2016
Thanks professor, but I don't have a true controlled environment to perform this experiment, :)
If I didn't know any better I would think you were a typical Generation Z'er..full of excuses why they cannot get their work done.. 😂
Dec 5, 2017
I recently started having my dd use a long thin piece of wood dowel to work with on the tee and then duplicate the action with her bat. It is a little longer than her bat and extends about 8 inches below her hands, it's very light and thin which is why I started using it. Is there any negative to not having the short piece that extends off of the pvc one's in the clips? We do dry snaps, full swings with wiffles and then switch to regular balls with her bat. I've done the SnF drill but she doesn't seem to understand what she is supposed to feel and thinks it's weird so we've given that a break 😁
May 12, 2016
DD doesn't like the tool, gets too caught up in the "T" part. We've just used a broom stick with much more success

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