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Practices in post season

Apr 13, 2015
For you coaches of high school teams...it's playoff time and you have just played (on a Tuesday) and don't play again for a week....how would you plan out your practices until the next game? What would you focus on within an hour or so of practice with 12 players...thanks


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
We always go back to fundamentals. We do some simple fielding work. Base-running and bunt defense are essential things to cover. Don't forget that you probably have some young ladies who are pretty beaten up. We take it easy for these practices and don't want to do a bunch of running. Take care of your catchers! Other players can catch a bullpen or two.

Situational defense is another point that we stress. We have to take our pitchers and get their work in. They throw pens and then to a couple of live hitters. We take some jv pitchers and have them throw some live as well. While they might not be the speed of the competition, for the most part they throw strikes and we can get good work in on the field. Our hitting is already set up and we have a very basic plan our hitters are already set up with. IMO, this is not the time to do a lot of overthinking or over coaching.


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Aug 9, 2018
Cannonball is right on with what to do. Run prevention our focus in the playoffs. We use JV players to simulate the opposition, pitch to batters, run bases, get in rundowns, work on defensive plays,. Offensively we focus on bunting, and base stealing in an attempt to create chaos on the bases and maybe get the opposition to throw the ball around.

Identify your strengths and fine tune them so that they can be relied upon without any qualms, and work on areas that need help as you never know when you may need them in a low scoring game.
Apr 13, 2015
Thanks guys/gals for your input.....that just reaffirms what I have basically done in the past....after 35 years, sometimes you wonder if you are still doing good stuff

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