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Practice Balls For Association Teams


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Don’t waste your money on a good price if you end up buying new balls. a cheap ball will not make it through a season you get what you pay for. A $5 ball can be oblong shaped after 2nd batting practice with a descent hitter. $8 ball probably last the season.
Absolutely agree here...leagues do this all the time and end up burning thru more balls than if they would just buy decent
May 29, 2015
Somebody mentioned contacting local colleges -- same can go for local high schools and middle schools, or even other local travel and rec programs. Any org who has been around for any length of time is typically going to have buckets of them. (Unless somebody there is astute and keeps them cleaned out.)
May 20, 2015
our rec league also buys a dozen 'game balls' for each team each season......home team provides 2 each game to the umpire.....in the past, coaches kept the used game balls......last year i put 5 gallon buckets in each 'shed' (there's a locked shed at the end of each dugout on our fields).....i asked coaches to put used game balls in there

coaches have access to the sheds for practices......now there's a stocked bucket in each shed to be used for all for practice

i just did the math......there's 4 full buckets in the back of my truck right now....two more full ones at home......each bucket is +/- 2 dozen balls, i always buy thunder heats......12 doz balls x $70/doz = another reason why i'm broke lol (and DD #2 just came to the conclusion that all of her catchers gear is too small last night......unfortunately i confirmed that fact today....haha)
Jun 28, 2019
I have had good luck with these leather cover well priced and fast shipping.

MacGregor NFHS Fast Pitch Softball, 12-inch (One Dozen)