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POSTURE – definition – examples – drills

Mar 13, 2017
Creating posture is important.. maintaining posture throughout the swing is even more important. I agree a hitter must get to a FYB position before initiating launch, posture keeps the hitter behind and through the ball. Nobody explains it better than this guy IMO;

Like this one as well.. really helps explain about those hitters who start to work the back shoulder under the front prior to toe touch/heel plant

Posture in the baseball swing is more than just "Athletic Stance/Posture" you hear in other sports. It allows the batter to get behind and stay through the ball. If you lose posture in a swing you end up pushing the barrel through the zone. See @49 secs of first video I posted, this is the issue a lot of young hitters have, they come out of their swing and end up pushing the barrel. You hear coaches say to hitters regarding stance, "OK get in a good athletic position/posture...", this is not the same as posture that is created/maintained in the swing which allow the shoulders and barrel to turn around the spine.

This guy talks a ton about posture.. wish I discovered him a little earlier when my DD was playing. I enjoy his content, but more importantly she did as well. Easy to understand.
I wish I could have shown you his stuff earlier!
Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
More is better?

this is the problem w most coaching cues imo. Some is good? Well more must be best!?

Not the case most of the time. Balance should be the prerequisite when speaking of the swing and it’s actions. Timing is also a MAIN variable that gets overlooked quite often. They go hand and hand for consistent hitting to take place.

ok rant done.

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