Pop up video ads on this site are driving me nuts

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May 18, 2019
Does anyone know a good way to turn them off on an android phone? To the site Admins, I absolutely love this site and would be happy to pay into a tip jar or help with any other way to monetize. I've had at least 5 ad videos pop up at me in the time I'm writing this. It's relentless.
Nov 18, 2013
I was having similiar issues on an iPhone. The pop ups kept crashing and locking up the entire page.
Apr 17, 2019
Regarding adblockers, there's no bigger fan than me (shoutout to uBlock Origin). But there are sites that I turn the adblocker off b/c I want them to make some revenue and it's an easy way to kick in without whipping out the credit card. But if the ads make the site unusable, the blocker is going right back on.

Here are some assumptions. I believe this is on the tapatalk platform. I believe tapatalk is making the money. I would be happy to contribute some $$ to the DFP mods, but I don't think anyone at DFP is benefiting from the ad revenue. Tapatalk's model is "free forum hosting". To monetize, they throw ads everywhere. I believe the only recourse is for the DFP admins to complain to tapatalk that the invasive ads are driving away users and they need to tone it down.