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*POLL* left team because

Why leaving team?

  • Playing time

    Votes: 8 13.6%
  • Coaches attitude/style

    Votes: 31 52.5%
  • Horrendous parents

    Votes: 5 8.5%
  • Ability level

    Votes: 21 35.6%
  • Coaching style

    Votes: 11 18.6%
  • Coaching ability

    Votes: 13 22.0%
  • Logistics

    Votes: 9 15.3%

  • Total voters


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Left the team poll.
Is there a #1 reason.
Do these reasons balance out why people leave?

1. Playing time
2. Coaches attitude gruff, or approachable.
3. Parents horrendous
4. Ability level
5. Coaching style = relaxed- firm- intense
6. Coaching ability to develop players/team
7. Logistics

True these may have reasonings that criss cross eachother.
Like ability level of player may effect playing time.
Still one would be the reason over the other.

Replys with explanations grow threads like this.
Also adding age of player may add context.

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Dec 15, 2018
Could add a more benign category like "logistics": couldn't hack the drive / travel time, affordability, flexibility (ability to play more than one sport / other important activity)
Jul 16, 2013
DD has been on a few teams, but mostly for different reasons.

2013 -- She was aging up from 12u to 14u. Most of her team decided to stay at 12u, so she had to find a different team.
2014 -- She played one year with this other team but then decided to return to her first team when she was eligible. She never would have left the first team to begin with, but didn't have a choice.
2016 -- She moved to another team mostly due to tournament schedule. Her old team was more focused on high school ball, while her goal was to play in college. She wanted to be on a team that traveled more and played in bigger tournaments. Otherwise she would have stayed on her first team. She still has close friends from both teams.
Aug 6, 2013
Every time we have voluntarily left a team (minus one when we moved across country) was because of talent level of team vs DD’s ability. If she is the best player on the team and the team just wasn’t able to play at high levels we evaluated and decided it was time to look for a higher level team with girls that had the same goals. She only left 3 teams -
1) when she was 10 to play up to 12u. Stayed with that team for 2 years.
2) then moved to a more “talented - like minded team” at her actual age and played 12u some more, lol. Stayed with that team for 3 years (2 years 12u and one year 14u) and probably would still be with them if we lived in KC anymore.
3) Moved to VA and she played one season at 16’s for her current org and she was the best again so now she is playing 18’s with the same org so I don’t really count that as moving....
Nov 8, 2020
The kid has played for 5 organizations in what is now her 7th season of travel ball.
She has played on more than 5 teams though but moved to different teams within the organization.
Sometimes she moved because she was pulled up to the better team because of their need.
Sometimes she moved because her December birthday threw her graduation year off and she would be moved because she was not yet in HS.
Once we moved her ourselves because one teams coach was just not allowing the team to ever play, they practiced 12 hours every weekend, and 2 weeknights a week they'd meet for 2 hours a night to work, but after 6 weeks and not even a friendly, we decided to move over the Xmas break.
And one time we left an organization, and coach she had been with before, simply because he could not get any other decent players to play on his team and she was losing games where she'd have 16-18 strikeouts and throw a no hitter but errors and a lack of offense would ruin her day. We just couldn't keep telling the coaches from all of the other teams calling us and eventually her directly (indirectly) to rescue her that we "were happy with where she was" any longer, and we jumped ship over Xmas break.

So this is her 7th season of travel ball. She has played with 5 organizations but all told she has been on 9 teams.

The first time she left was she aged up to 12 years olds because of the December birthday
The second time, (change of organizations) the team aged up to 14s, the girls were all 2 grades above her and she was only 11 years old that August.
Third time we left team because coach was only practicing the girls and never playing them, we were paying over 300 a month to not play any games at all
Fourth time, we left the organization after PGF because she wanted to play with friends in a different organization.
Fifth time she was pulled from new organizations B team to A team in January
6th time she was In 8th grade and wanted to keep playing while everyone else on the team was dark for HS ball
7th time left because the coach could not get any decent players and she was surrounded by girls fresh out of park and rec
8th time wanted to play for the organization so many of her HS teammates play for and the team she had been on split up as they were mixed birthyear team and the ones her age were based so far away.

Really only 2 of the times she changed teams were due to coaching, one because the coach just collected money and never let the girls play, the other because the coach who had a great team at one time suddenly jit a lull that prevented experienced players from going to play for him.
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Feb 3, 2016
1. Playing time:
DD's only sat one game in her playing career. They were testing kids to see how they'd react. Luckily she's a different animal in a game environment. She's probably not sitting again for awhile. She understands the bench is part of Softball. If a Catcher or Pitcher maybe this would more of a factor. She can catch but I won't let her. To fast to mess those knees up.

2. Coaches attitude gruff, or approachable.:
Never been an issue. Non-factor here. As long as they know the game, she's good, and the parents are good. We won't even need talk if everyone is on the same page. Also see #6...

3. Parents horrendous:
Another issue that I could care less about. What other parents are bitching and moaning about (don't care). I don't get caught up in that garbage. I'll listen but won't partake. I don't even know current coaches contact info. Don't need it.

4. Ability level:
Never been an issue as always playing up and finding teams willing to step up in competition/tournaments. Concerning at times the willingness of players not putting in the extra it takes to compete at the highest levels. Currently the DD has up to 400% more competitive play under her belt compared to other's on the roster. It shows for now but they've noticed the bar is higher and most are working hard. Been told only the best will play on Sunday for 2021. Gloves are off.

5. Coaching style = relaxed- firm- intense:
I like holding players accountable along with parents. I want coaching that can capitalize on the players abilities and maximize these skills during the game. Kid's need different coaching styles and you need to adjust accordingly even within the same roster. Accountability is important in and away from the team environment. Sit problem parents out by Pattar! ;)

6. Coaching ability to develop players/team:
My DD work speaks for itself and can survive bad team practices but you better know how to coach in-game. THE Deal breaker if you can't, or don't have the ability to do anything but call the pitches, and fill out the batting order. I don't need you as a coach. I can do it better myself.

7. Logistics:
Don't lie and say you're going to find equitable locations for practices and never follow through on it. Just don't lie to say what you think others wants to hear. Be honest. Be upfront. Coach.

6 and 7 are my heavy hitters.
Not driving an hour for practice and hell to the no for an hour travel time for around the horn throwing drill for 30 minutes especially if you can't coach in the game. :)

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Oct 10, 2018
Guess we've been lucky. DD started with a nice rec program in 2015, 16 and 17 at first year 12U she was dominating to the point coaches fought over her during the draft and we knew if was time to move up. Found a great travel program 2018 she's been with them ever since. Great coaches, great parents (there's always one....) and she's not the best nor the worst. A good fit.