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Pocket Radar Ball Coach (Blue Button) For Sale

Feb 10, 2018
Upgrading to the Smart Coach. Selling excellent condition Ball Coach (Blue Button) for $200 (which includes shipping to the Lower 48). Please reach out to me directly if interested. Thanks.


Feb 10, 2018
Moved up partly so I don't need to worry about holding the radar when I catch for my DD. That is getting dicey, especially as we are working on movement pitches. Smart Coach has a continuous mode, so I can mount it on a tripod and either set it up behind a screen behind me or behind my daughter as she's pitching. The Smart Coach also connects via Bluetooth to the pocket radar app on your phone or tablet. Doing this, allows you to have the speed displayed and announced. That is, the pitcher can see it and hear it for herself, rather than wait for me to announce it. This is partly to just get her used to being gunned all the time so that it becomes less and less of a big deal (sometimes girls freeze up when you say you are putting the radar on them or muscle up trying to throw harder). It also, I think, helps them better understand speed differentials between pitch types. Lastly, I plan to use the set up with other girls that I work with on pitching.

Definitely not a must do, but I got to say that I am happy I did. If I had real guts (and the funds) I would have bought the Smart Coach with the Pocket Radar display (retails for around $800) or the Pro System they sell (which approaches a Stalker radar set up cost wise). The one thing I like better about the Stalker system is that it displays speeds to the tenth, so it can be a little easier to see progress (or not) than with dealing with only whole numbers.
Oct 4, 2018
Thanks for that insight Traps71.

My DD is 10, and while she appears to want to take this passion far in life, who knows at this age. :D I'll hold off a bit longer.

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