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Please tell me it will get better

Aug 29, 2011
Especially if Team A is the #1-12 players and Team B is the #13-24 players.

Even my fantasy football league uses a snaking draft order!
IDK our rec league does something similar when an age group has a lot of girls who tryout. But usually the first team will play a "B" schedule and the second team will play a "C" schedule. Assuming they have enough coaches. We don't do anything like "1st place manager runs the summer team"
Jul 14, 2018
If you are going to coach Rec ball, make sure you teach your kid to pitch. Then you will always have a pitcher on your team.
This is how DD became a pitcher!

Our local Rec league has always been small, never more than two teams per age group. All-Stars was fairly easy: both head coaches and one AC each, the All-Stars HC was always the league's softball VP. We had "tryouts," but everyone knew who the best 12 players were (and they were almost always the daughters of coaches). There's always that one untalented kid-of-a-board-member, but I think we mostly got it right.

lancer360, you said that travel opportunities were scarce in your area. If your daughter can play, the HC is going to want her on the team. You probably don't have much choice but to get along to go along. And that's okay: DD's first travel experience was when her All-Star team played well and everyone wanted to keep playing together. A (short-lived) travel team was born, and she's been playing TB ever since.
Jan 8, 2019
Have you seen the movie All Stars? If not, you should. I think it's still available on Netflix. You will see people you recognize in it (personalities, not just the actors) and I think it will put all of this in perspective for you. It's a funny movie because everyone on DFP can attest it's all true. Every. Single. Bit.
Loved this movie! Saw it after a horrible parent experience on AS a few years ago.

I laughed out loud, but on the inside, I was like "That's me. That's me. Oh, and that's me, too." Turns out, I am a compilation of almost all of the parents in the movie. Hopefully, the education I seek here and in other places makes me more tolerable!

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