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Playing softball in extreme heat

May 24, 2009
My daughter is playing in a tournament all weekend. The temp here is Texas is expected to be 103 degrees on Saturday. Besides drinking alot of water and gatorade what are some things I can bring to help the girls stay cool? There are no outlet plugs at the park, so I cannot bring a fan. And while we are on the subject when you are going to be gone all weekend long for a tournament what kinds of things do you pack (besides softball gear)?
May 12, 2008
Used to keep a cooler full of slushy ice water and washcloths in the dugout. Between innings they would use the cold rags to cool off. Made a big difference.


Crazy Daddy
Oct 31, 2008
Used to keep a cooler full of slushy ice water and washcloths in the dugout. Between innings they would use the cold rags to cool off. Made a big difference.
We do pretty much the same thing; cloths in ice water for the players to put on top of their heads and/or around their necks between innings.

There are many days that are well over 100 in this part of the country
May 8, 2008
We bring a garden sprayer (buy a new one, don't use the one you had the lawn chemicals in, fill it with ice/water. & the girls can mist themselves, also the cold rags are a must. If the dugouts aren't covered, be sure to have a pop-up shade tent.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
We are in the middle of playing 21 games in 13 days MINIMUM. If we advance in the tournament starting tonight, we will play more. It has been very hot with "heat index" that have consistently been 110 degrees or more. The "heat index" is a formula of humidity and high temperatures. We take tarps for shade in case we get dugouts that don't have shade. We set up our tents (Not tents as in camping) to get players out of the sun. Each player has a "neck wrap" and is expected to wear it when they are in the dugout. I don't know what comprises the inside of the neck wraps but the material really holds water and in contained in a handkerchief that is sewed up to hold the material. Neck wraps are then kept in coolers. Players are expected to take in a minimum of an 8 oz glass of water before they leave home. The are also expected to drink 8 more ounces when we begin to loosen up. THEY ARE TO AVOID ALL CAFFINE DRINKS DURING SOFTBALL SEASON. My daughter has never had a caffine drink and so, ...

PLEASE, make sure that you monitor your catcher and pitcher. We have played a double header every day this week and are coming off of 7 games last Sunday. Our catcher and pitcher have to speak with me each inning. I'm checking to make sure they take water in. I look in their eyes and ask questions. They know that they can come out anytime they ask.
Jan 13, 2009
I've also found that if they do nothing more than liquids, they can also get sick, so I make sure they have some substance in their stomachs. These are simple foods that also contribute to liquid intake, such as grapes and watermelon slices.

I also make sure they are using the bathroom at appropriate intervals. If they don't use the bathroom every three hours or so, I watch the liquid intake more closely.

Amy in AZ.

Super Moderator
May 7, 2008
Elizabeth, pack many more clothes and underwear than you think you will need. It helps the moms a lot to be able to change their own sports bras. Those things are like sponges.

Easy Ups and umbrellas are great.

Pack fruit, cheese, pretzels, wet wipes, hand towels and more water.

Make certain that DD has her flip flops, so she can get her socks and cleats off.
Jan 15, 2009
If you get an inning that goes to long in the field, keep an eye on the catcher. I've seen coaches take a time out and take water to a pitcher because they could see she was in distress and then ignore the catcher because she's hiding her distress in the gear.

They can ask for water breaks, but sometimes they forget to ask, so they need a reminder.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
I keep a small cooler of ice water with small hand towels for my catcher, remind her, her parents and coaches I want her to put them on her neck between innings to keep her head/brain from frying and getting a migrain!
- Lots of fluids, NO GREASY Foods - NO FRENCH Fries when we are on the field and in this extreme heat, NO ICE CREAM! ** SUGGEST someonoe go to Walmart and spend $20-30 fo a LARGE TARP and something to tie down the grommets that can drape the dugout to protect the girls from the heat IF the dugouts are NOT covered.

** Change of clothes AND SOCKS to make sure socks are dry between games if possible. Baby powder on feet when they change socks, will protect the feet and keep blisters from forming.
** I ALSO continually check on my coaches and Blues to make sure THEY are getting enough water and fluids, seen too many friends go down from Heat Exhaustion because they forget about themselves! I tell the PLAYERS to make sure their Dads/Moms that are helping are getting enough water.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
jimjinas makes a good point about the umps. We always have 2 bottles of water for the umps per game. We might not need them but then again, this good will jesture could prevent the kids from seeing something terrible if an ump passes out. Remember, some work 3-5 games in a row in poorly run tournaments.

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