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Player management

May 10, 2008
This season has been a trial by fire, with the team breaking into factions. There is one player who is a real cancer, divisive, stirring the pot at every chance. While I should have put an end to this nonsense early on, I have little depth on my roster and I truly thought I could get this child turned around. My instincts as an educator are to never give-up on a student, but as a coach that may not always hold true. Any thoughts?
May 7, 2008

You are wise. My husband learned the hard way that developing a team philosophy tames the shrew. The team philosophy should be documented and used for accountability. It helps coaches, athletes and their families keep expectations at bay and to identify whether the player, parents and coaching staff have the same goals. We ask our children, "What is it that you want from ___________ (softball, baseball, football, etc.)? Fun and friends? Improving skills? Low or high competition? As parents we are here to assist you in accomplishing those goals."

We had a number of mismatches before we started asking the right questions to the right people...Good luck.

I had that problem with a young lady. For six years I tried to correct the problem and help her. She was a very good athlete but lacked confidence in herself and her ability. After losing a few good players because of her, I just told her that I could no longer have her on the team. She could have gotten a scholarship as 5 of her team members did, if she would have learned to control her mouth and attitude. I really hate it for her, she is the only one I had in 22 years that I couldn't get through to.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
This is a tough situation. There is no ideal solution. Whatever you do will probably be have consequence. I actually lived it last year. We had one cancer on the team. I live the cancer analogy because that is what it is. It spreads out and impact others.

My first reaction would be to say "you have to do everything in your power" to do what you can to put on your side (give her more responsability, talk to her, had serious discussions with her, some rewards-punishment system, peer pressure, etc.) but I know too well that at the end of the day...

It's hard to change someone with a bad attitude. A bad apple is almost always a bad apple. I know from experience.

So what I would do in your shows after trying hard at changing things, if things don't change.. I woudl remove the cancer.

I feel it is better to kick a bad apple or a cancer out of a team if she has a really negative impact even if it is a very good player than keeping on board in the long run because it will end up affecting everybody's moral, make it hard for everybody and make your job as a coach very unpleasant.

My opinion.


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