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Player Evaluation Forms - Tryouts

Jul 17, 2008
Troy, Illinois
In getting prepared for our upcoming tryouts, I realized that I don't have the appropriate tryout forms for our tryouts. In coaching all of these years, I've had skills seperated into specialized forms. We done tryouts each year in a gym, on the track and on two fields. Coaches had their seperate forms and I went everywhere. For example, player's name and 40 times rotate to the track. They will complete their work and then rotate to the next area. Hitters tried out in our balcony area where they were rated on bat speed, power potential, etc. The same with pitching. I have never had one form that would allow for a player to be rated on one page for all of the skills. That is what our coaching staff is asking for. Yes, I can create one this week. However, if anyone has a form, I'd appreciate a look at it and, in return, can offer to swap "stuff" that I might have that you'd like. If interested, pm me for my email address.


Darrell Butler

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