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pitching machines

Jan 19, 2009
I am looking at getting a machine or two for hitting in a gym. I already have a liteflite machine, and I am looking at the following:

1. Jugs small ball machine
2. Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine for golf balls
3. Grand Slam Pitching Machine for golf balls
4. ATEC Jet Baseball Pitching Machine

What are your thoughts on these or any other machines out there? What are the pros and cons, and in what order would you get them if at all?

Jan 6, 2009
Of those 4, I would choose the small ball. I have the first 3 machines, and the jugs beats them hands down. The ATEC is good as well, but I like making the girls have trying to hit a smaller target.
I also have owned 3 out of the 4 pitching machines. The jugs small ball is the best of the 3 that I owned. It's quite it's pretty accurate. My student's love hitting the balls that come with it. They like how it feels like they are hitting a real ball. If you looking to buy one, take a look at Mike Epstein's website, it cost me 288.00 to ship it to my door with 4 doz balls. Make sure you get the 4 doz ball. The pitching machine only comes with 3 balls. You do not have to be a Mike Epstein certified teacher to order this.

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