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pitching in the rain



When the circle is wet and slippery do your pitchers change their stride or mechanics in any way to compensate?


May 7, 2008
When the circle is wet and slippery do your pitchers change their stride or mechanics in any way to compensate?
Absolutely! A little mud will take all the aggressiveness out of the stride real quick.

You will also find out exactly which grips you have mastered and which you have not. Most of the time, pitching with a slightly damp ball wiil leave you with a fastball and a change up. Everything else will slip your grip.

If you are going to be in a tourney where the possibility of some rain is there, practice pitching and have a spray bottle of water there to keep the ball damp. Pay attention to what grips/movement pitches do not work AT ALL.

Then, when it rains, you will know what you can and cannot do.
Dec 19, 2008
My daughter loved pitching in the rain. And she did well doing it. At one tournament, the ump told her to take off her sunglasses because she didn't need them with no sun. Little did I know, the water droplets would go in her eye, and "float" her contact lenses. Now, rain or shine, she wears her sunglasses, and won't let an ump tell her to take them off. No rule against it anyway. Also, helps keeps dust out.

She hasn't had to pitch in the rain yet this spring.
Feb 13, 2009
North Carolina
Definitely need to make adjustments for pitching in the rain. Everything from stride and grip to sportsbras bunching effect the pitcher. As my pitchers progress I will routinely add wet ball practice that includes making the pitchers lane wet.

Izzy's dad: Glad you do not have an ump like we had here last year. One of my pitchers has always worn sunglasses because she has a condition that makes her eyes very sensitive to sunlight. One umpire during school ball last year told her she had to remove the sunglasses unless they were prescription lenses. Bunch of bull in my opinion but what can we do.
May 26, 2009
I am a pitcher myself and when i pitch in the rain the rubber gets slippery. My mechanics get all wopper-jawed i slip and i step out instead of jumping. kick some dirt on the rubber and it wont be as slippery.

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