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Pitching help

May 7, 2008
Hi all,

Last night we got out butts kicked by a team that just simply outpitched us. Until now we have been on top of most games that we played but when I saw these kids pitch last night even I was in awe of their speed and accuracy. They are just 8-10 years old but they obviously have been worked and coached hard and with discipline. It's what out team needed so they don't think that they can just walk all over teams, but wow we were spanked.

This team is sound with their hitting and their defence but we need alot of help with our pitching.

My questions is....where can I get the help that I am needing. The league hasn't offered up any support in this regard. Is there schools or clinics that I can attend - is there schools so I can learn and then pass it on to them - or should I let the experts teach the team so I don't mess them up? I want the best for them and I see where we need to get to - I just am unsure of how to get them there.


Amy in AZ.

Super Moderator
May 7, 2008
Buck, there are excellent DVDs and clinics and instructor's out there. One tape that I recommend is Framing the Pitch by Denny Throneburg. It works with the student on one knee and practicing the arm circle. He is a very good instructor/coach. Or search anything by Ernie Parker. There is a lot of instruction available on Youtube, but some of that is not so good.

Most parents of pitching students seek out their own instructor.

We also have clinics that are available for any level of coach and those usually start in Nov. They are scattered throughout the US.


May 7, 2008
If they are that good, you can bet the farm they have private instructors.

You need to locate one in your area. I have a national database for instructors in the US but not for Canada.

Someone needs to start one for Canada, I have suggested that MANY times.


Winning Fast Pitch Softball
May 9, 2008

Hi Buckeroo,

You just got the same wake up call that I got 3 seasons ago. When you run into a team that can pitch, field, and hit and they are only 10 years old it's quite an eye opener.

The best thing you can do is identify the player/s on your team that have the desire and athletic potential to be quality pitchers. Then find the best pitching coach in your area even if you have to drive an hour or more. Then talk with the parents of the kids and if they are willing to pay for lessons start on the road of developing them as high level pitchers.

You should also work on developing yourself into the best educated and motivated coach to teach the rest of the team the skills necessary to succeed in fastpitch softball. Seek out other coaches in your area and get advice from them about the best hitting, fielding, and running techniques. Search online for websites and resources in this area. Read books on coaching. Buy dvd's on pitching. The National Fastpitch Coaches Association has clinics throughout the USA that you can attend. Find other coaches and parents with the skills and dedication to help you.

There are no quick fixes. You have to be in it for the long haul. Being a coach is being a teacher. You have to have the knowledge in order to pass it on. Measure your success by the skill development of your players not wins and losses.

Emphasis hitting skills so that your team can contend with overpowering pitchers. Stress team defense so that you can stay close in games against tough opponents. Find ways to make your offense be productive even if they don't have big bats, i.e. small ball (bunting, stealing, etc.)

If you learn, work hard, and teach well you'll be rewarded by the progress of your team and watching them grow into softball players.

Good Luck,

May 7, 2008
Morris County, NJ
Buckeroo: I am one year into the program described above....DD has been taking pitching lessons for about one year (we recieved recommendations on two good local instructors (within 30 min of home), we started a " town travel team" consisting of players chosen from an open try-out of league players and I'm reading all I can on fastpitch.

DD's LL All-Star team finished this week....her team got beat by a well respected program who played small ball because they couldn't get around on the pitcher (walks, stolen bases and squeeze bunts accounted for all 4 run scored)......best of luck and enjoy the learning experience, I am.

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