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pitching help

Jun 30, 2008
My 10 yr. old daughter is in her second year of fastpitch.She has her good innings and bad innings.In her good innings she will strike out the side a lot,
but when she has a bad inning she walks a lot of batters and she is pitching everything inside to a right handed batter. I can't figure out what she is doing to cause this.She hardly ever makes a pitch outside of the plate.anyone have any ideas how to correct this problem?
May 7, 2008
Does she go to a pitching coach? If not, you should try to find her one. She could have problems with her form that will be harder to correct as she goes along.

There are a few things things that she "might" be doing - like turning her wrist, stepping over the powerline, or her arm circle is off.

Good luck. If you video tape her, we could take a look at it.
Jun 16, 2008
I agree with finding a pitching coach and everything else posted by Amy. One additional thing to look at is if her hips have closed too soon. This will push her arm and therefore her pitch inside and it's pretty common in young pitchers.
Stand behind her and see if her wrist/hand is tight to her body as she passes her hips. Like softball33 posted, if her hips are closing too soon, her hand will be forced out, but she may also be letting it drift out there on her windmill, my DD has had that issue in the past. Her hips weren't the problem, she just wasn't keeping her windmill "tight".
Jun 30, 2008
Thanks for everyones response. She has been going to a pitching coach for a couple of years. I have been paying close attention to all of things everyone has mentioned but couldn't put my finger on the problem until last night.I finally noticed that on her fastball that it didn't have that nice over the top,fast spin on it. Turns out she wasn't keeping her wrist in line and it seems like thats what was pushing her pitches inside.Her change up and her attempt at a rise ball looked good but it was the fastballs that were missing inside.She pitched around 75 pitches after we found the problem and she was putting them right in strike zone.She has a game tonight so we'll see if the problem is fixed or not.Again thanks for everyones help.

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