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Pitcher taking signs

Jul 24, 2013
I have a question about the high school rules for a pitcher taking signs from the catcher. In a game yesterday, the pitcher was standing towards the back of the circle (barely inside the circle). She would get the sign from the catcher and then walk to the rubber. While on the rubber, she did pause for about a second before beginning her pitching motion. Is this legal in high school ball?
Mar 13, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Before engaging the pitcher's plate, the pitcher can take a signal from anyone, while standing anywhere.

Once she engages the plate, her hands must be separated and she must take, or simulate taking, a signal from the catcher. Once that requirement is satisfied she can begin the pitch.

All this rule is intended to do is force a pause to prevent the pitcher from committing a quick pitch (ie: stepping and and immediately rolling through with the pitch to catch the batter off guard).