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Parenting Help

Jan 5, 2018
Quote Originally Posted by Rick M View Post
Are you stalking me? We have the same schedule for the next 18 hours. Seriously though, you make a great point. It's important to let them be kids and not push too hard.

DD just got home from school, wants to go to football tonight, and will be pitching tomorrow morning. I asked her if she wanted to go throw for a half hour to be ready for tomorrow. She said no, so it's no.

I'm guessing a lot of girls/parents with tournaments tomorrow are facing this same situation tonight with high football season in full force. I do have limits though. There is a freshman lock in after the game tonight until midnight and I would have said no to that, but DD didn't ask as even she realizes that's just to much with 7:15 warm ups tomorrow morning and a 45min drive.

I love both of these. Let them enjoy growing up but still take their commitments with responsibility. I've found most girls know how to make the right choices and to regulate themselves.....
Jun 19, 2013
If Im being honest with myself I feel like this is more of whats going on. Every coach she has had since 8 years old has given her and us the "She needs to concentrate" and I absolutely refuse. To go back to my "are we playing this weekend" when I mentioned she would have to miss the football game she wants to go to On Friday she immediately changed her mind. Which of course has me thinking. I presented her with the option of going to the game but having to wake up early the next morning to go and she said "hell yeah" but then I realized the team has pulled from that tourney. As I said though i could very well be the problem and I have to figure that part out so I've presented her with some option in hopes it helps. I really try and push "fun" over anything as your right, at 11 the whole world is ahead of her.

ha Almost exact same scenario. However with my son he wanted to quit so bad for the longest and I wouldnt let him as he wanted to quit due to not having success. He is slow and couldnt hit a beach ball on a tee however he has colleges actively recruiting him on his potential (and academically) so in the end Dad kinda knew best because I know he felt miserable not having on the field success but hes grown to be a great leader both on and off the field and according to his coaches hes a junkyard dog.
She is going to football games on Friday nights at 11??? :confused:

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