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Overwhelmed by bats, new to this

Jul 15, 2019
My local PIAS recently had an Easton FS3 for$70. I picked it up because I had most of it in store credit. It is a 31, drop 12. My DD is 5'0" and 103 lbs. They now have a Demarini CF9 32 drop 10 for $110. According to the bat size calculators, when she grows one more inch she should be in a 32" anyway. She has been swinging a 32 aluminum bat we got her when she started rec 2 years ago. We are overwhelmed by travel ball, bat recommendations and prices and are looking for some advice. She can't tell the difference in swinging the 2. Very confused...
Dec 11, 2010
Welcome to DFP!

At this point don't wear yourself out with bat size and charts. Your stress and fretting is better spent on improving her swing and getting quality practice. I actually prefer this to a chart: Measure the width of her shoulders and multiply by two. That number should be a good starting point. Remember, you are better off a tiny bit on the smaller side than too big. Too big keeps her from hitting better pitching and causes bad habits.

Two things stick out to me in your post: One is that she can't tell the difference between the two bats when she swings them. That tells me you are probably ok unless the shoulder measurement formula is way off.

The other thing is that you are looking to get her into a -10 bat. I like that.

All that being said, the best way to try out a bat is to hit front toss on a field or in a cage. Borrow every bat you can and try it out until she finds something she LOVES.

This is a good time of year to be looking for used bats. Besides PIAS, check out local facebook swap sites. Bats bought second hand can be a very good deal but have no warranty. Obviously, look for cracks. Also look at the connection point between the handle and barrel. Is it floppy? Look at the paint around the knob. That can tell you how much use a bat has had. I hate cleat marks on the barrel. That damage might be cosmetic but my players don't do that and I won't buy a bat from a player that is a cleat banger.

Good luck and hope something in this post helps.
Jun 11, 2012
I’d try to get her to a drop 10 bat.
That being said she needs to be comfortable with the bat. Some swing light, some swing heavy. Some kids like light bats, some kids like heavy bats.
Can she swing some of her teammates bats to give you at least a starting point of what feels right to her?
How old is she?

My DD has always swing a bigger bat than most kids her size. Up until she turned 16 she was pretty small. She’s 5’5” now and about 120 but has been swinging a 33/23 as far back as I can remember. She has the strength and bat speed to handle a bigger bat so it works for her.

A lot of it is personal preference as far as which bat. What is loved by one might be hated by the next.
Apr 20, 2015
That's a great deal on a cf. I'd snatch that up and resell it if nothing else.

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Dec 11, 2010
It really depends on the pitching you are seeing but nether one of my kids swung a 32" until late 12's. Both considered strong hitters by people besides their dad, lol

My older one played in college and never swung anything longer than 33". Saw a whole lot of kids leave the game early when their parents bought a too big bat "to grow into" and they quit hitting.

How wide are her shoulders?
Jun 24, 2019
I bought my DD a cf zen Demarini 30/19 drop -11 she’s almost 9 that was the lightest bat I found she loves it, it was either CF or ghost but the ghost was a little heavier even tho was the same 30/19

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