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Outfielder's Glove

Nov 5, 2009
St. Louis MO
My DD plays 18U. She has always played Middle Infield and uses an 11 3/4 Glovesmith that works really well for infield. She is on a new team this year that will rotate her between MI and CF. I know the 11 3/4 is not an ideal size for an outfielder. We're thinking of getting her a 12.5". She's 5' 3", but has large hands for her size. Is 12.5" about right? We don't want to spend a ton on a glove until we see how much use it will get. Any recommendations?
Sep 17, 2009
I think you could go to 13inch if used strictly for outfield. Try the Wilson Softfit gloves, they are affordable and "soft" as the name says but not floppy, just an easy break in, ready to use right away.
Jan 4, 2012
I'm not affiliated with SSK, but I plan on it, when DD gives them her endorsement. DD uses the same glove I bought for her big bro 10 yrs ago at Play it again sports. I mean big 280 BB pitcher. I'm going to have it re-done , if bret would answer his emails...lol Its the little one bret...can you do it ???

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Oct 10, 2011
I'm glad you asked this question because my DD will be playing 3rd and probably center field. She has a 13" Mizuno MVP and loves it...Easy to break in. I was going to ask if she should get a smaller glove for 3rd base? They make the same glove in a 12". Thanks
Mar 23, 2010
I'm a fan of the Mizuno Classic Fastpitch gloves, GCF1301,GCF1302. A pro quality glove at about $160. Just ignore the "game ready" claim. 3 kids on DD's team have the fielder's gloves and she has the catcher's mitt.

My other favorite brand is called "Closeout".
Jun 21, 2010
DD catches and plays OF. She uses a 12.5 Nokona Buckaroo Black. The glove broke in quickly. That price is great.

Rawlings makes a 13" that DD uses, Champion Series. Took about a week of playing catch and it was fully ready to go. She has used it for two seasons now and it is still good. Very reasonably priced about $60.00.

On the other end you can get a Nokona 13"
13 Inch Nokona Buckaroo Black BS1300CBLK Softball Glove - New for 2012 for 180.00 and she will play with it in a couple of weeks.

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