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Outfield - Where to throw the ball


Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
If you have any reasonable shot for an out at 1B in that situation, the ball has reached the Right-Fielder in a big hurry. It's really no different than if the ball had been hit to SS, and she had thrown to 1B. A runner coming from 2B isn't automatically scoring unless your First-Baseman can't execute a throw Home.

When the throw from short RF reaches 1B, the runner coming from 2B is rounding 3B.

Even if the throw to 1B is too late to get the batter-runner, there's a reasonable chance that runner rounding 3B is toast.
May 29, 2015
Sage advice from a not-so-sage coach yelling at his right fielder this year:

ANYWHERE!! Throw it anywhere, just get it in!!! Nobody EVER got tagged out in right field!! NOBODY! Quit holding it and throw it! #@$!


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Aug 9, 2018
SE Wisconsin
Our outfield (12U) struggles to throw to the right base when multiple runners are on. We'll too often throw home when there is little chance of getting the out, allowing other runners to advance.

What are some ways you've worked on this with your team?
We have 2 general rules, but both have exceptions. Ball hit in the air and caught by the OF throw is 1 base ahead of lead runner (cutoff lines up with throw). Ball hit on ground and fielded by OF throw is 2 bases ahead of lead runner (cutoff lines up with throw). Remember the throw is always intended for the proper base. Too many OF's throw to the cutoff instead of through the cutoff. I cannot stress that enough.

Many OF's are taught to throw the ball to the pitcher also instead of to the proper base. I understand the lookback rule but you miss out on possible outs on the bases doing this.

The way we practice this is first go over it in a classroom setting for overall concept, exceptions, and positioning. Then do it on the field with live runners.

Not saying there are not other ways, but it works for us.

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