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Our Daughter is not sleeping at home tonight

Apr 28, 2014
5 years ago I posted on this site for the first time looking for help. DD was 11 and wanted to pitch but her coach never gave her that opportunity. She was pretty awful back then and truth be told DW and I were hoping that she would give it up and try a different sport.
Fast forward 5 years and through more work than we ever imagined and more time then we would ever believe she is attending her first Official D1 overnight visit tonight without us!
I sat on a bucket last night and caught her for her lesson. What a difference a few years make. Thank you to the many people on here who have helped us along the way. Especially in the pitching forum.
If you would have told us even 2 years ago that DD would be a D1 recruit with 3 visits set up and more schools calling I would have called you crazy, but it's happening for DD and I'm pretty proud of her. I'll never forget that day at 11 when they told her that she wouldn't pitch and we got home and DW and I told her to go out back and throw into a net. We thought it would last a day or two.. months later we began to take her seriously and she has gone on to prove many people wrong including the 2 that live with her.
Never Quit.
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May 24, 2013
So Cal
Awesome!!! Great story. Thanks for letting is all know!

Also, please let us know where she ends up going to school so we can follow along her college career :)

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