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Order this lineup to score runs

Jan 24, 2009
Just for fun, how would you order these players? Have awesome defense and pitching but I want to score a run or 3 early on. 10u team with 7 very skilled athletes, 2 weak ones rounding out the team. All can slide, 7/9 can bunt. I'll describe A-I and you make the lineup for 'A' level TB:

A:Awesome bunter, oldest at 11yo, fastest runner, pretty good hitter who occasionally K's

B: Decent bunter, pretty good hitter, adept at drawing walks (fouls off a lot), fast, highest OBP and 2nd highest BA last year

C:Good hitter, can bunt but not proficient, slightly slower, high BA and OBP

D:puts ball in play every single AB with power similar to A,B, &C, never K's, never walks, slightly slower but very skilled baserunner, exc bunter but highest BA on team hitting away

E:similar to D but power hitter and the rare K, decent speed

F:Big girl with Ok speed, power hitter too but will K more than A-E above(1st yr traveler), bunts decent too

G:New lefty who bunts ok and is fast, draws walks, infield hitter who will spend a year on the switched hitter learning curve. Expect fair number of K's

H:first year traveler as a 10yo, weaker overall, will K most of the time and put in play occasionally, weaker baserunner, one of 2 who can't bunt, hope she catches on quickly

I: Will K if pitcher can throw strikes and...strike zone will be big because she bails out of the box; speedy but a huge drag on the offense; first year of 10u and a project for sure
May 13, 2008
B - Want my highest OBP to lead
A - Sounds like the kinda kid I want to move my leadoff into scoring position
D - Best hitter bats third
E - Best power cleans up
C - Keep that inning going
F - Sqeek another run in
H - Hope for something here
I - Here too
G - Second leadoff. Make sure she knows her role is to get on base for the top of the lineup.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
theory on using the terms "Weaker"..... connotation is not good, I prefer "less experienced"...... easier for everyone to hear W/O hurting feelings.......

Also, Less experienced players need to committ to get EXTRA practice to get EXTRA balls hit to them and EXTRA Bunting / Batting, EXTRA Baserunning/Sliding and THROWING... starts to let them catch up a LITTLE, to some degree to the MORE Experienced players

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