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Options for Coaches Training?

May 9, 2008
New England
I've been back to coaching for last 4 years in girls softball and really enjoy doing this. In the past I played organized baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch in the Air Force, assitant coach for an American Legion Baseball team and then went back to playing (and sometimes coaching) softball for many years.

Now I'm just about in my 50's and am an older dad with one daughter turning 13 next month and another who will be 6 in October. My oldest got the softball bug a few years ago and now loves playing the game. And for me, I've got the coaching softball bug. I'm looking at semi-retirement from my job within the next couple of years or just taking an option to go to part-time status.

I would really like to spend a lot more time coaching and putting together events such as clinics, softball fund raisers and other initiatives that would improve the softball program in our community. I'm already working on a volunteer initiative to completely redo our main field in the Fall.

My question: what sugestions would you recommend that could help me in pursuing this more? I've looked at sites such as the United States Sports Academy and their online certificate programs. I already have a Bachelor's in Business and Master's in Education Technology and do not mind taking courses if they would be worth it. I've also taken the ASA Ace Certification Level I. Should I take Levels II and III? What other options might be out there that I should explore?

Thank You for any advice.
May 7, 2008

You may want to send a message to Catching Coach...he has a success story and experience with this very situation.


P.S. My husband was a member of VFW, American Legion, and Marine Corps league, and wishes he could involve himself more. There is such a great need there. We are in such a busy season of life with our children, we don't really have time to pursue the areas we are personally passionate about. Thanks for serving our country :)


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Take a look at the NFCA - nfca.org - they have an advanced training program for softball coaches. I think it is geared more at elite coaches but this could be an option.

There are certificate with various youth organization that will give you some bases on general coaching principles...

http://www.nays.org/intmain.cfm?Cat=3&Page=1 might be one of them.

www.softballexcellence.com now has an online certification for coaches. I think this is the model of the future for coach training. It is inexpensive and a really good reousrc.es

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