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OF - Where in the glove to catch the ball?


submicroscopic infectious agent
Jun 8, 2016
Is her glove positioned completely vertical on fly balls? It is for some reason difficult (for me, anyway) to get girls to tilt (turn?) the glove slightly, but it makes a huge difference as the slight angle change is the difference between the ball mostly landing in the palm vs landing in the pocket/webbing.

If they do this, there's no reason to go to TIP and lose the ability to control the ball with the index finger.
They are probably catching it to the side because they are afraid of getting bonked in the head....
May 6, 2015
have her work on catching tennis balls. thy bounce out very easy (need to use fairly new ones, not dead ones). simple to hit pop ups, underhand with racquet. will improve squeezing as they catch.