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# of pitchers on 12U all star team

Dec 27, 2008
Goleta, CA
We just started our all star season and just finished competing in our 1st tournament over the weekend, and the common theme among the teams in this tournament was to throw 2 pitchers. There was a #1 and #2 for each team, and teams would basically switch back and forth, usually throwing their #2 in weaker games and their #1 for the tougher games.

Our team has 4 pitchers, but a pretty clear #1 and then 2 girls who could be the #2 depending on how things play out. I feel we should try to get as much time to the top 2 pitchers as possible to develop them through the all star season, with the hopes that they grow and learn how to face many different teams. There is an idea that we should give all 4 a look and try to give them all time, but I feel that would be a detriment to the growth and developement of the top 2 pitchers we will go into battle with the rest of the way. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
May 7, 2008
If all things were fair and equal, yes, we would give the girls equal innings. But, there is more to it than delivering some strikes. There is the preparation that the girls have had, to make them #1 and #2.

You want the pitcher out there that the team has faith in and can field the ball.

All pitchers need to gain experienc,e but I cringe when I see a weak pitcher go up again experienced hitters. There is too big of a chance of injury on a line drive, hit back to the circle.

The girls need to prepare during the week and be capable of playing at the top of their game.

During a tournament, is not the time to get your feet wet, so to speak.

I can remember being a pitcher's parent and the coach goes with #3 to "give her a little experience." Then, #3 gets behind by 4 runs and it was up to my kid to try and pitch us out of a hole.

But, it is all good, in the end.
Jan 15, 2009
Here's a way to balance fair. Let each pitcher face the opposing lineup once. If your playing bat the roster rules, that's probably 12-13 batters and for a great pitcher that's 4 innings, a good pitcher its 3 innings and for a mediocre or poor pitcher it might only be one inning. I've seen successful club organizations use this as a method to keep things fair between mulitiple pitchers of relatively the same caliber.

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