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NPF Playoffs- I answer my own question


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
I had asked how those of us not near Kimberly WI could follow the playoff games and didn't get any reply, so I figured nobody else knew either. After the series was over I checked my local team's website to find out the outcome and saw they had the answer. So for next year in case anyone's wondering, we should check out our local NPF website for the specifics. They may be the same from year to year in which case it would be as described below. The following is from the NE Riptide website:

How to Watch:
Gametracker will be available at no cost for all games of the NPF Championship Series. To access the Gametracker, fans can log-on to the league website at profastpitch.com: Home. In addition to Gametracker, the Championship Game (Game #6 and #7 – if necessary) will be produced by The Softball Channel.com and will be streamed live at The Official Site of Major League Baseball | MLB.com: Homepage. Bernie Guenther, who is the voice of NPF on all Fox Sports Net broadcasts, will handle the play-by-play action. Joey Arrietta, GM of the Akron Racers, as well as NPF President/Commissioner Cheri Kempf, will provide color analysis. Games #1 - #5 will be produced and aired on a delayed basis by The Softball Channel.com. All six (or seven) games will also be available for purchase on DVD. More details regarding the delayed broadcast schedule and the Championship Series DVD will be made available following the Championship Series at The Softball Channel.

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