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Not my kids, but almost...

Jun 20, 2012
During the summer between DD1's freshman and sophomore years in HS, DW and I were on campus for some event and the principal approached us. Fresh off the heels of the school's first appearance in the post-season in over 12 years, the 10 year softball coach had decided to resign from the position, and the principal wanted us to take over the team. We thought our coaching days for DD1 were over. We were enjoying being on the other side of the fence for once. After a thorough discussion of the ramifications, we decided to take on the challenge, figuring that the alternative would probably be someone who was there just for the stipend. 4 years later and the team is on the cusp of its fifth straight trip to the post-season, including a run to the quarterfinals last year, which was also DD1's senior year.

This is our first year without a DD on the team (DD2 is in 8th grade), but we've known and coached most of the girls on the team since their rec ball days. Recently, we faced a team that was carrying a 34-game conference win streak into the contest. We were sitting in 3rd place, with two games left on the schedule, against the first and second place teams, both teams we had already lost to once. We needed to win both games to claim a share of second place and clinch the #2 seed for our conference seeding in the playoffs. The first place team is scary good, with two seniors that are Division I signed commits at pitcher and catcher.

So this happened:

We ended up beating the second place team as well, got our share of 2nd place and got the #2 seed.

At one point, the team was 6-6 overall, 2-3 in conference, and on the outside-looking-in for the playoffs. We had just come off a string of lackluster games in which we went 1-3 and narrowly avoided losing to one of the worst teams in our conference.

The final game against the second place team capped off a 7-game-winning streak. So proud of how these girls responded to the adversity. Every game it was someone different coming through in the clutch for the team. They picked themselves up and found a way.

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