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Nike Softball camp

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
A while back someone suggested that we check into the Nike softball camps.
My DD was LL 11 this year.

We found one about an hour away and dropped her off last Sunday.
Apparently they had a "tryout" to place girls of like ability on teams as they play mini games at night.

My DD was placed on a team with 14/15 year old girls and ended up on 3rd and pitched quite a bit.
Although she didn't like dorm living or the food, it was a very positive experience for her.

She also ended up being one of nine kids at the camp voted as an All Star player....
I think it helped her cinfidence a lot!

I'm working on getting a video of her swing so you can help me out ... but her biggest batting weakness is waiting too long to decide to swing.....
she can't run, either....

Pitching, throwing, fielding, fly balls are doing well....developing at a good rate.

Thanks for the suggestion!
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
nike camp

She said that a lot of girls fooled around stayed up late ...etc.
Also that the older girls were snotty...

LOL...maybe they didn't like a 12 yr old on their team...or maybe they are just 14/15 and my DD is headed for the same "attitude" as well...
I thought her perspective was humorous.

In July, the best players are on ALL Star teams and Travel .. not at a softball camp......but for her this was a good thing at this time.

She is just more into getting better so we will see...

Maybe she isn't the greatest..yet...but you'll never find a kid who will try harder!
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Nike / Effort

Hopefully we'll find a place for her.

Right now she is willing to go up to a hot field and practice with me....she pitches with our babysitter during the day as well....

Just keep plugging away.

I spent the night last night looking for other places for her to play ... even an informal Fall Ball league or light Travel Team would be helpful.

My hubby and I even joked about setting up a residence in a nearby town so she could play with their team (good infield, good hitting, agressive runners, ...........no pitching)
She can't "defect" ... but it is a good match!

I put my name in for a Fall ball coach...hoping a bunch of my 10/11 All Stars will sign up and we can get them more ready for their last year in the league
(09). We may have two teams and there are numerous towns around here that play Fall Ball.
We have four possible pitchers for next year 11/12. My daughter is easily the best in the group .....only two others are really viable but hoping that work over the winter will yield positive results for all four of them.

I will get the first Englishbey DVD and we will work on what we can as much as we can.
Now to figure out how to teach a kid how to run!

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