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Feb 6, 2018
My daughter's is Cheeks. When she was a baby she had no butt so her diaper would always fall down. As she grew up she was always smiling with big cheeks and it carried into softball. She even smiles while she is pitching...lol.
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Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Fun responses and stories!!!

Here's a couple more,

Training a team that I hadnt worked with before... was pointing out something one player was doing. She had her hair dyed a deep red color and all her hair twisted and swirled into a bun on the top of her head. I ended up calling her "Cinnabun" in front of the whole team.
Which apparently stuck.

Had a catching student for years who was 5'10 200 lb solid oak tree, strong player. Who sometimes would just stand up and throw
(no burst) because she could throw really hard at a younger age became a hard habit to break...so I used to remind her ....you're going to have to be more explosive and faster. You can't just stand up and be "Godzilla."
"Big and slow"

So Godzilla became a reminder for adding quickness.
Most others thought it was because her size was terrifying :)
Oct 6, 2015
My Daughter's are twins (pitcher and a catcher) (14U). Around the end of 10U my pitcher found her own "style" of motion after trying all of her favorite college pitcher's movements. When she tried it out at practice for the first time one of her teammates made the comment "Wow!! She looks like a dragon!" It's stuck ever since. She even has a custom Nokona with "The Dragon" stitched in it.

We tried to get her sister to be Night Hawk (Step Brothers)...but it didn't stick. She ended up officially becoming "Gunner" as she threw out the majority of girls trying to steal in 13's. Her and her shortstop were Goose and Maverick for a while because they were ridiculously in tune with each other!
Oct 6, 2015
Also, as a coach who's been around the same families for years, I LOVE that I mostly know their kids by their nicknames. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to remember their actual names. Some of my favorite nicknames of my players over the years have been: Smiles, Wheels, Hurt, Money, Fancy, OJ, and Donuts. Donuts was in 6u and wore a pair of leggings covered in a donut print...stuck ever since. lol
Oct 6, 2015
My DD's first name starts with T, she was called T for a time until the girls started calling her T-Bone, so that's what it is now... You can't give yourself a nickname, one has to be given to you.
Amen to that! It's got to be EARNED!!! lol


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
My nickname was given to me by my HS baseball coach. "Cannonball." In one HS game, I broke a SS leg and a 2B's arm both while sliding into second base on attempted double play balls. Asked about the game and those incidents by the press after the game, my HS coach said I went in like a Cannonball and that stuck.

My daughter's nickname "BB" is simply her initials although some said that when she threw a softball she made it look like a BB.

Some of my favorite player nicknames that I gave them.

"Texas" was a young man that was as large as the State of Texas. He liked it and started buying U. of Texas baseball shirts. He became my #1 as a sophomore and went on to have an outstanding HS and college career.

"The General" was a young man that rarely played but was the first to direct teammates to set stuff up. He was like having another coach. His senior year, I simply told the team that when The General asked them to do something, consider it being said by me. Every team needs this kid on them.

"Money" was a young lady who played basketball for me. She was deadly from 3 point range. We ran both standard offense and inbound the ball plays for her. Her senior year, she hit 73% of all of the 3s she attempted. In high school ball, that is ............. MONEY!

"PSYCHO" was a young man who played baseball for me and he was psycho. This young man was the human equivalent of the energizer bunny. Psycho was truly psycho when he played and so his MLB career was ended when he went full bore into an outfield fence tearing his sternum.

"Troll" played baseball for me. He was about 5'4" and was simply the best outfielder I ever coached. Troll played college football and was a stud. He now is a big time Cross Fit competitor.

I could go on and on.


Dec 9, 2017
I am the king of nicknames! Many of the girls that I have coached since they were 10 or 11 are now off to college. Typically it takes a year to find the right nickname.

We've got...

Cornbread (my daughter)
Marsha Brady
Mc Dreamie
M and M
Water Bottles

and a bunch more that my brain can't process at the moment.

Each one has a particular story of how the name came to be.
Pizmaster ????? .... Are there many people telling you that you are the "King Of Nicknames" ? LMAO
Jun 23, 2018
My DD asked me about a wanting a softball nickname when she 1st started 10U. I told her that she couldn't just pick one, she would have to earn one. A couple months later she earned "Mo" and it has stuck for 2 1/2 years. It's just short for Morgan, but she loves it.

Back in 8U Allstars, we had a girl earn the name "Chicken Nugget". It wasn't just because she was small, but more of what happened when she showed up to practice having just finished a box and then ran a couple warm-up laps.
Sep 21, 2017
"Arkansas" played for me a few years ago. Her last name was Rockey, of course everyone called her Rock. She also wasn't the biggest kid, so her teammates called her Little Rock...so naturally, one day at practice I yelled something her way that began with "Let's go, Arkansas...". We don't live ANYWHERE NEAR Arkansas. After about 15 seconds of everyone standing around with a dumb look on their face someone finally says "Oh, Little Rock, I get it!" 🤦‍♂️

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