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New video on dynamic stretching

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
If you've been paying attention at all the last couple of years, you've heard about the importance of replacing the old static stretches your team does before games with dynamic stretches. In other words, instead of pulling on the arm and holding a stretch for 30 seconds (as has been common since I've been in the game), you want to stretch the muscles in a way that they're constantly moving. Doing so helps get them warm, prevents injury better, and turns the nervous system on so you can perform better.

The only problem is it's been tough to find a good dynamic stretching warm-up routine you can use -- particularly one that is softball-specific. But not anymore. Marc Dagenais of Softball Performance has released a new video that covers pre-game (or practice) dynamic stretching as well as post-game static stretching for flexibility.

It's really a four-video set. The other two disks include an interview with another expert and some bonus material, which I admit I haven't seen yet. But the two core stretching videos are excellent.

The dynamic stretching video starts by explaining why you want to make the switch in more detail, then shows both some warm-up movements (such as butt kicks) and actual stretches that cover the entire body. Marc explains them in simple terms, and uses a player to show exactly what to do. He also says there are other similar stretches, but these are the ones he favors. He does the same with static stretches.

The key thing is most of us aren't really experts in this phase of the game. Marc is. Rather than guessing at various stretches that seem like they will work, you can build an entire pre-practice or pre-game routine that works!

The video is reasonably priced as well, at just $47 plus shipping and handling. That's a little more than $10 per disk.

In the interest of full disclosure, I work with Marc on some of his projects. But I have nothing to do with this video, nor do I get any financial considerations out of it. I just think it's extremely valuable information. I will say our team has used the dynamic stretching principles Marc has discussed previously, and we have remained injury-free for two years -- at least as far as things that can be addressed by stretching. They've also helped us improve our game-day performance.

Be sure to check it out. It's a great investment in your success.


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